Cité Véron



Cours à l'unité

Carte de 10 cours (valable durant toute la saison qui débute le 1er septembre pour se terminer le 31 aout de l’année suivante

Frais d'inscription (lors de l'achat de la 1ère carte de la saison)

Les tarifs sont uniquement valables pour les cours gérés par le centre

Règlement à l'accueil du centre uniquement

CGV et Règlement Intérieur

(à défaut, je déclare dégager de toute responsabilité l’A.A.C en ce qui concerne mon aptitude à suivre ses cours)

• This card can be used for all the teachers of the Centre with an A.A.C management agreement, in no case can it be related to a specific teacher.

• This card is strictly nominative, non-transferable and non-refundable. Its use is limited to the card owner and in no case may it serve to invite a third person.

• Once the card has expired or the season is finished, the unclaimed lessons will be lost and their refund will not be possible. The card is only valid for the current season.

• Depending on the lessons, the season starts on the 1st September and ends at the latest on the 31 July of the following year..

• Administration fees, of 20€ per person, are due on the first card's purchase of the season and can't be prorated. They may not be refund under any case.

• A medical certificate authorizing the practice of dance is mandatory.  (If no certificate is provided:  I solemnly declare that the A.A.C. may not be held responsible for my inability to follow dance lessons).

• The A.A.C does not adhere to any personal accident insurance; subscriptions remain the member’s own responsibility. You are required to subscribe to a private insurance plan.

• We assume no responsibility for any theft on the institution’s premises; all your personal belongings are your own responsibility.